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Finally, it’s here! ‘Audiobook Recording Hacks’.
Practical help for narrators who want to record from home.

What are ‘Audiobook Recording Hacks’?
An easy to follow instructional video course designed specifically to help audiobook narrators who wish to record audiobooks from home.

Why do you need it? Production companies are increasingly asking narrators to record from home, and deliver a fully edited, and mastered audiobook. This is no mean feat if you have no knowledge of recording methods, software, hardware, and editing techniques…. The list is endless, and can be extremely daunting for those with little, or no knowledge of how the process works.

We have had numerous conversations with narrators, some of whom have paid large sums of money to learn about the above processes on a one to one basis. We know this can be a big drain on financial resources when you are first setting up as a home recording narrator.

This is where we can help you!

We’ll guide you with a reasonably priced complete series of easy to follow instructional videos which will take you through the basics of the equipment you’ll need to set up, and the techniques, and methods you’ll need to help you get your audiobook project recorded, edited, mastered and delivered.

‘Audiobook Recording Hacks’ demonstrates how to make recordings using Avid Pro tools recording software.

For a limited time (one month from the date of release) we will offer you this course for the outstanding introductory price of £150. After this the price will increase.

To register your interest please go to the contacts page, and send us your details.