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Although the current lock down rules prevent us from welcoming narrators into our studios, we are pleased to announce that we are able to offer remote recording facilities to keep voice projects going.

We have spent the last few weeks working closely with our network of narrators to ensure they have the ability to work from home, linking remotely to us to record audio books, voice overs, and podcasts, adverts, and any voice led recording.

We have also been in regular contact with agents and publishers, and now have their lists of home enabled narrators.

After recording is complete we will continue to handle the post production element of the recording they make with us.

In addition to producing complete recordings, we are also able to offer post production services to publishers, or narrators who have recorded themselves, but are unable to handle post production.

To discuss any project with us, including post production please contact us via the Contact us Page.

Take care, and stay safe.

Best wishes from all at Electric Breeze Audio Productions.

What can we create for you?
Unabridged audiobooks with production as complex as your project requires. Single narrator, multiple narrators, with sound effects and music, or without.

We live in an increasingly digital world and as well as supplying your finished project in whatever digital format you require, we can still provide cd masters utilising DDP image creation software to create digital red book compliant cd masters to forward on to your duplicator.

We are not limited in what we can produce for you. Whatever your project is that requires spoken word recording, the chances are, we can do it. Although we specialise in Audiobook production, we have vast experience in recording
Voice overs, Podcasts, Audio blogs and Radio productions. Feel free to contact us with your project details and requirements.

Where are we? Our studios are located in the centre of Oxford in the UK. Oxford with its beautiful spires, and historic University is close enough to London to attract the fantastic voice talent usually found in London studios. Not being based in the capital allows us to keep our prices realistic, affordable, and competitive. What do we offer? Studios! Sounds a bit obvious? Many production companies are dependent upon outsourcing the initial master recording, and in some cases the whole project between a mixture of external studios, producers and editors, adding many other links in the chain to a process that can already be complex. Remember the old saying ‘too many cooks' ? Because we use our own studios, the sound and quality of the finished audio from project to project will be consistent. We have our own small, and very capable team of sound engineers, producers, editors and audio proofers, utilising the very latest versions of the 'industry standard' Pro Tools recording software, and hardware as well as high quality audio processors.

We also have a dedicated ipDTL suite allowing offsite remote recording, and connection to other studios anywhere in the world via the Internet using high quality audio streaming. Our most recent client was BBC Radio 4.

We have our own ‘stable' of highly experienced male and female UK, US and Canadian audiobook and voiceover artists, all of whom can be found peppered throughout audiobook recordings found on Audible and other audiobook outlets. Not only that but our connection to voice agencies should enable us to find the voice you require.

Finally, in a world where many companies provide complete service solutions via the ether, we pride ourselves on a more personable, and human approach. Technology is great, and we love it but sometimes it's nice to talk, deal directly, and still offer a fantastically competitive price.

Contact us now, and see what we can do for you.