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At some point it was inevitable that we embark on the journey of selling audiobooks as well as creating them. We start with just one book. But what a book. Working with Comedian Dom Holland, we are proud to bring you 'ECLIPSED' the audiobook version of Dom's fantastic book delivering the story of how Tom Holland became THE Tom Holland AKA Marvel's Peter Parker / Spiderman, set against his hapless dad and his less successful forays in show business as a comedian and wannabe writer. A heartfelt story of good fortune, serendipity and sheer hard work. As funny as it is interesting and with a euphoric outcome that no family would ever dare dream of.
Read by Dom Holland and in conversation with Tom Holland. Just under 11 hours of insight in to an ordinary family albeit with extraordinary circumstances.
This fantastic audiobook is available NOW from our

Welcome. How can we help?

We can create your audiobook, podcast, voiceover, in fact anything that requires voice recording from start to finish. We can edit your pre-recorded work, dialogue edit for film using the best audio editing software available, including in house ADR if required as well as offering ADR seperately for any project. We can create your radio ads, podcast ads. We can now also can create music in house for your marketing ad, TV programe, documentary, film or game. We work with fantastic voice talent, authors and publishers. We love what we do and have fun doing it.

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Zoe Telford taking a break from recording 'Love In A Cold Climate' for Penguin Random House UK
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Sir Philip Pullman on a recent visit
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Nell Frizzell recording her first Novel "Square One'
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Dr Suzanah Lipscombe Recording her book 'A Visitors Companion To Tudor England' for Penguin Random House UK
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George Monbiot recording his fantastic book 'Regenesis'
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'The Dogfather ' Graeme Hall recording his brilliant book 'All Dogs Great And Small' for Penguin Random House UK
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Rich, Dom Holland, Debs and Tom Holland recording Doms great book 'Eclipsed'

Where are we?
 Our studio is located in the centre of Oxford in the UK. Oxford with its beautiful spires, and historic University is close enough to London to attract the fantastic voice talent usually found in London studios. Not being based in the capital allows us to keep our prices realistic, affordable, and competitive. Finally, in a world where many companies provide complete service solutions via the ether, we pride ourselves on a more personable, and human approach. Technology is great, and we love it but sometimes it's nice to talk, deal directly, and still offer a fantastically competitive price. Contact us now, and see what we can do for you.

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