Our Studio

Our studio provides a relaxed, and comfortable working environment. For the audiophiles amongst you, we utilise the latest versions of Pro tools, Harrison Mixbus, and UAD Luna for recording, and editing. For in-depth spectral editing including dialogue, audio restoration and rescue we use the latest version of the industry standard Izotope RX. We also have a plethora of audio plugins from Waves, Abbey Road, UAD, SSL and more. Our hardware includes UAD and Audient preamps, Rode, Sure and Se microphones. Most importantly - our fruitbowl, and biscuit jar are always full!

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Our homely boutique studio
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Space to relax.
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Control room area
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Where the magic happens!
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Desk view
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Our primary recording and editing is done using Avid ProTools
Studio 3.
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Secondary recording software includes Harrison Mixbus.
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Izotope RX 9. Used for precision spectral editing, Dialogue editing and audio restoration.
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Universal Audio LUNA recording system.
Studio 2 In two Mic configuration. Ideal for Interviews and podcasts and radio productions
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Narrator Paul Ansdell working his magic on an audiobook recording session in studio 1

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