Electric Breeze Audio Productions

We record the spoken word. Your listeners deserve the best. Let us help

Our StudiosA comfortable and relaxing working environment
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The latest addition to our studio. Studio 3 can be used for multi reader productions and audio plays
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Studio 3.
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Studio 2 ‘Green Room’ area
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Studio 1
A self contained studio area with booth and all the essentials including Wi-Fi connectivity.
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Studio 2
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Studio 2 In two Mic configuration. Ideal for Interviews and podcasts and radio productions
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Narrator Paul Ansdell working his magic on an audiobook recording session in studio 1
Our studios are equipped with state of the art Pro -Tools recording software version 12.8 and Avid / Digidesign hardware as well as UAD Apollo audio interfaces.

As well as having our own studio for on-site sessions we also offer ipDTL remote recording and Skype patch in services. Recent clients using our ipDTL studio connect and recording facility include BBC Radio 4 and London based NGO Child to Child. We have also conducted several audiobook recording sessions using ipDTL, as well as VO sessions.

For post production we use Pro -Tools and now also utilise Izotope RX audio enhancement and restoration software. This enables us to give our clients the cleanest audio possible. We also use Izotope for back list clean ups of audio needing a little restoration.

All areas offer Wi-Fi connectivity. Tea, coffee and beverages come with the service and we take food orders for sessions in advance.

All of this would mean nothing without the great friendly service we offer and of course the extremely competitive pricing.

Based in Oxford, we are close enough to the capital (and close enough to the train station!) which makes us a great alternative to London based facilities and enables us to be more competitively priced.