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Wednesday 18th May 2022

Exciting News!

At some point it was inevitable that we embark on the journey of selling audiobooks as well as creating them. We start with just one book. But what a book. Working with Comedian Dom Holland, we are proud to bring you ‘ECLIPSED’ the audiobook version of Dom’s fantastic book delivering the story of how Tom Holland became THE Tom Holland AKA Marvel’s Peter Parker / Spiderman, set against his hapless dad and his less successful forays in show business as a comedian and wannabe writer. A heartfelt story of good fortune, serendipity and sheer hard work. As funny as it is interesting and with a euphoric outcome that no family would ever dare dream of.
Read by Dom Holland and in conversation with Tom Holland. Just under 11 hours of insight in to an ordinary family albeit with extraordinary circumstances.
This fantastic audiobook is published on 19th June but can be PRE-ORDERED NOW fro
m our shop.

Check out Tom reading some of the forward from the book.

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Saturday 14th May 2022

How Busy?

Very. What an incredible variety of recordings we have had the pleasure of working on over the last few months. From our staple output of audiobooks from our fantastic clients at Penguin Random House, Hachette, Headline, Hodder, Harper Collins..the list goes on. Also, we have worked with other production teams on material for BBC Radio 4 and BBC Radio 3.

For the Radio 4 material, we welcomed back Guardian journalist and author Nell Frizzell and producer Elly Lazarides and a host of guests for a round table discussion providing material for ‘Mother, Nature, Sons’ - a fantastic programme where Nell contemplates how climate change will effect her decision on having a second child. The programme can be accessed here

For Drama on Radio 3 programming we helped out recording elements for a great adaptation of 'The Hummingbird’ by Sandro Vernesi and directed by John Retallack. Check it out here

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Wednesday 2nd February 2022

Busy Week

Wow. Last week was a very busy week in studio. For the first half of the week we had recent RNA (Romantic Novelists’s Association) 2021 winner Annie Aldington grace the studio for an Orion Audiobook read. We love having Annie at the studio!

For the second half of the week we welcomed back every dogs favourite Hooman Graeme Hall (AKA The Dogfather - Channel 5’s Dogs behaving very badly) to the studio. As usual it was great working with both Annie and Graeme!

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Wednesday 19th January 2022

Today we are pleased to welcome Tom Fletcher CMG @tomfletcher to record the audiobook version of his new book ’ Ten Survival Skills For a World in Flux.’

Tom is a former British diplomat, former Private Secretary for Foreign Affairs to Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, and David Cameron, and was heavily involved in discussions that led to the Northern Ireland Good Friday Agreement. He is currently Principal of Hertford College, University of Oxford, and amongst other things is a writer, campaigner and educator.

In 2018, he founded The Foundation for Opportunity, which supports good people doing good things in public life.

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Monday 10th January 2022

We are now a Trademark!

We are delighted to announce that Electric Breeze Audio Productions is now a Registered Trademark ® of Electric Breeze Audio Productions Ltd.

This is great news for us and something that can give our clients and future clients (continued) confidence in our brand.

Onwards! :)

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Wednesday 5th January 2022

Happy New Year everybody!

What a way to start off our 2022 studio schedule. Today we welcomed Sir Philip Pullman back to the Breeze studio, and as usual it was an absolute pleasure!

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Friday 24th December 2021

We wish all of you a Merry and safe Christmas and New Year!

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Thursday 2nd December 2021

I heard Noddy Holder on the radio this morning! The only signal required for this Black Country lad! The studio is now ready for Christmas! 😁

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Friday 26th November 2021

Having just had my COVID booster jab at Oxford United’s football ground and whilst waiting for Debs to have hers, I am reminded about how our industry has been really fortunate during these strange times.

There were a few bumps to start with, with a great majority of narrators having to enter the depths and pitfalls of home recording for the first time. But we all got through and in fact in many ways it has been positive.

Using our remote connection to many home based narrators we were able and still are able to keep our clients supplied with great material.

Anyway, I’m off back to edit now! Stay safe this weekend. It looks to be a bit blowy in the UK. Rich

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Wednesday 24th November 2021


We have a new look website!

It’s completely new, so those of you that visit us regularly will have to refresh your cookies and clear your history to see the new site.

Not only do we have a new site but we are also expanding our services which now include music composition and sync for TV, Film, Ads, Commercial, Podcasts and Games. Our editing services now also extend to Dialogue editing for Film and TV including ADR.

Come along and take a look!

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Wednesday 24th November 2021


It’s great to be on Tumblr.

We are Electric Breeze Audio Productions and we create audiobooks for publishing clients in the UK, US and Europe. We also record and edit Podcasts and Voiceovers. We edit dialogue for TV and Film providing ADR as required and if that’s not enough we compose music for TV, Film, Commercials, Sync and Games.

In the future we will be using Tumblr to publish blogs and newsworthy items directly to our website at

You can also find us

On Twitter

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On Facebook

If you have an interest in any of the above, subscribe to us via RSS or follow us here!

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